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Our Team

Rick Marino, Vice President of Specification Sales

Years in industry: 11 years.

Most recent experience: Managed a Lighting Controls team in the US and Canada to enable end users to enhance energy savings via first class lighting software.

What I do and how I do it: I remove obstacles to enable our team to sell amazing US made luminaires. I do that by asking, listening, and executing.

Motto in the lighting world: The most efficient light is the one that is turned off.


Ray Letasi, Western Regional Sales Manager

Years in industry:  20 years

Most Recent Experience:  EVP of Sales and Marketing at Tempo Lighting

What I do and How I Do It: Work hard, be a pleasure to do business with

Motto in the Lighting World: Lead by example

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Armando Fundora, South East Regional Sales Manager

Years in industry:   More than 3 years

Most Recent Experience:  Director of Sales and New Business Development

What I do and How I Do It: I provide excellent customer service 

Motto in the Lighting World: Lighting is for everyone! We can't live without it.

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Nathan R. Snell, Senior Industrial Designer

Years in industry: 8

Most recent experience: Managed the Industrial Design, User Interface, and Packaging Engineering groups for large LED lighting company

What I do and how I do it: Create new and creative lighting solutions by never being satisfied with the status quo

Motto in the lighting world: Wouldn't it be cool if...


Ryan Jackson, Applications Engineer

Years in industry: 9

Most recent experience: Architectural lighting designer for several independent firms, part-time lecturer at a local university.

What I do and how I do it: I develop submittals and shop drawings for the entire Lux product line. I translate specified design intent into something which can be built and installed.

Motto in the lighting world: Energy efficiency doesn't have to come at the expense of great design.


Jennifer Atienzo, Marketing Manager

Years in industry: 5

Most recent experience: Managing marketing for a mid-size company.

What I do and how I do it: I make Lux Illuminaire look good.

Motto in the lighting world: Inspired lighting has the power to enhance your mood!

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Chasity Bruce, Customer Service Representative

Years in industry:

Most recent experience:

What I do and how I do it:

Motto in the lighting world: